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Private land elk hunting

Jim Fenner

I have been hunting with Action adventures since 2013, 3 private land hunts with Jay and one pack in hunt with his son Justin.  In 2012 I decided to finally pursue my dream of elk hunting; it was a little overwhelming with all the outfitters out there. By a chance encounter I met someone who had hunted with Action Adventures and even though he had not harvested an elk he had nothing but great things to say about Jay, his hard work and his honesty.  Me and two of my friends booked our first hunt in 2013, after hunting that season I see why the gentleman I had met had nothing but good things to say. Jay is one of the most honest hard working guys I’ve had the honor of meeting. Me and one of my friends ended up harvesting a cow elk the first year, I was hooked!!! Since that first hunt I would say Jay has become more than my outfitter, he has become my friend and I would not hesitate to recommend him in a heartbeat. If you do your part you have a great chance at harvesting an elk, Jay defiantly does his part, and ...
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Colorado elk hunting

Dave Mayer

I was fortunate to be able to hunt elk again with Jay Mitchell last year.  This hunt was on his ranch.  I had hunted with him several times over the years on wilderness hunts and find him to be one of the best outfitters I have ever hunted with.  Everything he told me to expect on his hunts was right on.  Before my first rifle elk hunt with him a while ago, he told me that I had a good chance of getting an elk but it probably wouldn't be a 400 class elk.  After crossing a slide area, I did get a respectable 5x5 elk that year and had a great time.  (Did I mention that I'm afraid of heights?  Jay worked with me to get me across the slide area and got me into a great position to be able to take this nice elk.) I hunted with him again a couple years later.  This was a muzzleloader hunt and saw and stalked a huge bull but he managed to stay out of muzzle loader range.  Unfortunately, a personal situation caused me to have to cut the hunt short and leave the mountain way early. Last summer a  ...
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successful archery Colorado elk hunting

Steven Miller

Video testimonial from a successful Colorado archery elk hunter ...
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elk hunting

Gary and Duane Zuverink

I would give Action Adventures a AAA rating. Jay Mitchell runs a first class operation. His guides are second to none. The facilities are excellent as well as the food and horses. The two years I hunted with Jay I seen an abundance of elk, including many excellent bulls. And yes the scenery is excellent". Thanks, Gary and Duane Zuverink ...
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t brown hunting for elk

Tom Brown

I booked a 5 day wilderness hunt with Justin Mitchell of Action Adventures after Justin was referred to me by the Huntin Fool organization, that only refers the best outfitters in the business. What a hunt it was. We were hunting the second rifle season for bull elk. From the time we left the trailhead to our return there was nothing but "action" and "adventure". On the second day of the hunt before daylight we rode for 2 hours. when it got daylight Justin had us in a large herd of elk. There ware at least 6 big bulls in the herd. I shot the first big bull that presented a shot. He was a nice 6x6. Everything was great, the horses, food, and lodging. Justin was quite knowledgeable. You could tell it wasn't his first day on the mountain. If you want a hunt of a lifetime book a hunt with Justin of Action Adventures. I guarantee I will be back. Tom Brown ...
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elk hunting colorado

Jim Burkett

I have been coming out west for elk 7 times now and this is my 2nd trip with Action Adventures. The first time we came with Action Adventures was a drop camp and we had a real good time. We appreciated the outfitter tremendously so we booked a guided wilderness hunt. I am glad we chose this outfitter. The guides and accommodations were superb. We had excellent meals each and everyday. There were 7 hunters in our group and in the first 2 day we had harvested 6 bulls. I can't say enough about Jay and Justin Mitchell of Action Adventures. Of the 2 trips with this outfitter I would have to say I enjoyed the wilderness hunt the most. The beautiful scenery and horse backing through the streams and meadows was amazing. Action Adventures definitely has a lot to offer. Jim Burkett ...
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wilderness pack-in elk hunting

Doug Finnerman

I would recommend Action Adventures to anyone who may be headed for a Colorado elk hunt. Owner/Operator Justin Mitchell grew up with the business and from my first hand experience there could be none better. His knowledge of the area we hunted was top notch. I was successful with my bow hunt by the third day! The staff he has put together, 2 other guides, wranglers, and an experienced cook, made my stay the best. the smiling faces and upbeat environment, along with the delicious menu, only added to the hospitality they provided. They all work so hard to PLEASE THEIR CLIENTS. They do all of things that should be done - AND THEY DO IT RIGHT. I want to thank Justin and his team for all they did and the way they did it. I will be back. Doug Finnerman ...
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colorado elk hunting

Tom Harris

I’ve archery hunted elk four other times, in Wyoming, New Mexico and Colorado. This was my first hunt with Action Adventures and by far my best hunt ever. I hunted the last week of archery season and the weather couldn’t have been better, it was almost too nice for hunting, cool in the mornings with some ice in the creeks and sunny and warm by mid morning. The quantity and quality of the elk was more than I expected. Justin had me into elk on the first morning. Chasing bugling bulls everyday, it was very exciting and quite an adventure. I was fortunate enough to harvest a cow on the forth morning of the hunt, we were into a herd with several bulls and cows. Justin had me in great position, I didn’t make the best shot, but the cow didn’t go too far. This was my second elk with a bow and I was very happy with the hunt and the outcome. Justin and his crew at Action Adventures do a great job. Clean camp, good riding stock, and the food was excellent. I would highly recommend Action Adventures to anyone wanting a true wilderness experience, tough hunting but ...
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colorado elk hunting

Bill Owen

This elk hunt was something I had been dreaming about for years. Before the first day of hunting we packed into camp on horseback. Traveling 13 miles in 3 1/2 hours. The scenery was breath taking and worth the trip in itself. I shot a 5x5 bull at 285 yards with a 300 WSM. The guide was extremely skilled at positioning a hunter and predicting their movements. The food was excellent and all guides, cook, and camp hands were a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend Action Adventures to all my hunting companions and can't wait to return. Bill Owen ...
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elk hunting

Steve Neukirch

In the past 12 years I've elk hunted with three other outfitters in two other states. On these hunts I felt like I'd just wasn't getting the experiences that I had imagined elk hunting to be like. Then eight years ago I booked a hunt with Action Adventures. I was impressed with Jay in the fact that he was extremely honest in how he described his hunting area, chances of taking game, and how best to prepare for a hunt. After going on that first hunt I knew I'd found the right outfitter. Jays camps are very comfortable, the riding stock is of exceptionable quality, the best guides who know the country and animals and some of the best grub to be found. Now after six hunts and some fine animals I've just booked the seventh hunt. Keep up the good work Jay, and thanks. I couldn't be happier with my hunts and the animals I've been able to harvest. 3 bulls in the last 3 hunts!!! Thanks, Steve Neukirch ...
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sucessful colorado elk hunting

Tom & Greg Dobbs

Having been on 25 DIY elk hunting trips over the years, with many being successful, none have topped our 2012 hunt with Justin Mitchell of Action Adventures. We can’t say enough positive things about Justin and his operation. His horses, camp placement and equipment and knowledge of the area were easily worth the price. We felt we got more than our money’s worth. Tom & Greg Dobbs ...
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blackpowder bull elk hunting

Rodney Pevytoe

When going on a guided elk hunt the hunter needs to consider several rules when choosing their Guide: Find an honest, hardworking, well established outfitter. Hunt in a unit that has a quality game herd. Hunt in an area with little hunter pressure. Make sure the outfitter has quality horses and tack. Check references with past hunters. If you follow the above rules you will pick Action Adventures for your next hunt. On each of my four hunts with Action Adventures I have shot a Bull Elk. Fair Chase, hard hunting, and Action Adventures help all paid off for me. Rodney Pevytoe ...
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elk hunting

Kevin Clark

I have just returned from my second bow hunt with Justin and Crew and was rewarded time and time again. I had numerous encounters under a 100 yards with the closest at 2 yards. It was only my fault that I was unsuccessful filling my tag. "It's not the Kill but the Thrill of the Chase." What I did fulfill was the most rewarding non killing hunt of my life. The gang at Action Adventures cares about you and your hunt. They leave no stone unturned in their quest to fulfill your dream. Book a hunt here, I guarantee if you do you will have the hunt of your life. The country Justin hunts is very large and very demanding. It is so big and beautiful that everywhere you look could be a postcard. Thanks to All the Gang at ACTION ADVENTURES! Kevin Clark ...
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rifle hunting for elk

Anthony Adamczyk

Another successful hunt with Action Adventures. I have been on three hunts with this outfitter, and each time I had success with getting an elk with trophy antlers. I have been on hunts with Jay Mitchell and his son Justin. Both were very professional and knowledgeable of the area. The camp was very accommodating and the cook prepared great meals. The guides for the hunt were outstanding. I've been hunting for 20 years and I wish I had been hunting Action Adventures from the start. I strongly recommend Action Adventures for anyone who wants a truly good hunt. Anthony Adamczyk ...
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j brake colorado elk hunting

Jason Brake

I first hunted with Action Adventures in 2001. My group hunted the 3rd rifle season and I got a 5x5 on the third day of the hunt. Before going on the hunt I had planned on taking a break from hunting trips for a while. But, was so impressed with the beauty of the area in which we hunted, the thrill of hunting Rocky Mountain elk, and the effort put out by all of the Action Adventure personnel that I booked another hunt about a week after getting home. I wasn’t the only one in my group of (6) who was favorably impressed. After getting home & telling our stories to friends our original group of (6) doubled in size and we booked two separate hunts. The second hunt I went on was in . We hunted the 1st season this time. I hunted with my brother Troy. Jay Mitchell guided us.  We left camp on horseback with the moonlight reflecting off the freshly fallen snow. It was cold and we had been riding quite a while when we heard bulls bugling. It was Awesome! We started glassing and saw the elk. We then tied up the horses and went ...
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