We only accept reservations over the phone. First we discuss your expectations and then we find the trip that will best meet your goals. Due to the limited amount of hunters we take each year, and a high clientele return, early booking is a must. If you are interested in a trip for the current year we require a 50% deposit (you can make this in a couple of payments). If you are planning a trip for the future we only require a 10% deposit. Call us for available openings 1-800-383-1888.

We are continually modifying our hunts to meet the demands of our discriminating clientele.
The bow hunter or black powder hunter has 3 choices:
1. A fully guided hunt – this hunt is wilderness pack-in; all meals, lodging, and guide for every 2 hunters is provided.
2. An outfitted hunt – this hunt we provide meals, lodging and 1 guide in camp to familiarize you with the area and help pack out your harvested game.
3. Private land drop camp – this is a complete do-it-yourself hunt. You bring your own groceries, and you hunt on your own.
The rifle and hunter has 3 choices:
1. Fully guided wilderness pack-in – this hunt is by horse back, all meals, lodging, and guide for every 2 hunters is provided. This is a demanding hunt.
2. Fully guided private land hunt – we hunt by horseback and or 4WD, all meals, lodging, and 1 guide for every 2 hunters. This hunt is less demanding
3. Private land drop camp – this is a complete do-it-yourself hunt. You bring your own groceries, and you hunt on your own.
More information on these hunts can be found on our Hunting Home, Rifle Hunting, Bow hunting and Black powder hunting pages. More questions call us at 1-800-383-1888

Action Adventures Guide Outfitter is a long established full time outfitting business located in Montrose Colorado. We have been providing quality trips for 30+ years and we are here to stay. I am a 5th generation Western Colorado native. I live and raise my family here on the north end of the famous San Juan Mountains. This allows me constant access to the game that inhabits this vast beautiful country. We have been in business for 3 decades. This has allowed us to accumulate the assets required to insure you have a successful hunt. We are not a fly by night or part time outfitter. Many things go into making a quality outfit, they cannot be bought, and they have to be tested by time. Our commitment and tenure in the outfitting business is one of our greatest advantages. We hope to have an opportunity to take you on one of our hunts in the near future. More information can be found on this topic at our Action Advantage and Testimonial pages.

A 50% deposit is due upon booking your hunt. We take Visa or MasterCard or you can simply mail us a check. You can make your deposit in scheduled payments if you like. If you are booking a hunt for next year or beyond we only require a 10% deposit to hold your hunt, with a remaining deposit of 40% due in January of the year you plan to hunt. Final payments are not due until you arrive.

We take all the hassle out of obtaining your Colorado hunting license. Colorado licensing can be a complicated procedure, but we make it easy for you. Well before license applications are due you will receive a simple form to fill out, with all your pertinent information. We take care of the rest! We proof check your application and deliver it to the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Please note not all licenses are by drawing. Several can be purchased over the counter. You will know in advance of booking your hunt, which type of license will be required.

Yes, we have nationwide references. We do, however, respect the privacy of our clients, and do not post their names, phone numbers or email address on our website. We will gladly supply references upon request. Please call us at 1-800-383-1888.

You can expect all the prompt courteous professional service that you would from any other quality client-customer relationship. We strive for complete customer satisfaction. Many years of being in this business have provided the unique opportunity to solve most problems before they develop. From time to time conditions come up that are beyond anyone’s control, these are few and far between. You as our client will always be our main concern. Meals are all home cooked and served family style, no expense is spared for your comfort and satisfaction. We take our obligation as your wilderness host very seriously. We leave camp well before sunrise to insure that we are in place before sunrise and we are not back in until the day is done. We use many different tactics during our elk and deer hunts. Your day may find you glassing and then stalking from a distant ridge to bugling at lovesick bull, in one of the many secluded basins. The most will be made of the time you spend with us. You will definitely know that you are on a quality elk hunt. Hunt descriptions can be found at Private Land and Wilderness Pack-in pages.

This is your hunt! You are paying the money so why not get the most out of it. Our motto is “where preparation and opportunity meet”. This is our definition of luck. We believe in luck and the harder you work the luckier you get. It’s hard to just show up for a western hunt and be successful. You will need to get ready, and the more you do the better off you will be. Let’s face it. The anticipation and preparation are half the fun of going on western hunts. A good place to start is by walking, and then proceeding to walk uphill and climb stairs. The air is thin out here and the better cardiovascular shape you are in the less you will notice it. I have watched many a bull elk walk over the ridge out of range because someone didn’t get in shape. Our guides are not here to race you up the mountain but, your hunt could hinge on whether you were prepared or just “showed up.” You will need to become competent with your weapon, be it a rifle, muzzleloader or bow. Believe it or not we have had clients pull their gun out of the box at the trailhead brand spanking new, never fired. If you are scheduled for a wilderness hunt, you should try to find a stable and do some riding. It will loosen up muscles that you don’t regularly use, and will add a lot to your overall comfort and confidence with your mount. We have provided checklists with suggestions on what to bring. Archery Checklist, Black Powder Checklist, Rifle Checklist, Drop Camp Checklist, and Summer Pack-trip Checklist. Also check out our Press Room that is full of informational reading to help you prepare for your hunt. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 1-800-383-1888.

Yes! You are limited to 1 army style duffel bag not weighing more than 50lbs, a sleeping bag, and your weapon. When preparing for a wilderness hunt you should look at your gear and bag and visualize that this is going on a horse and not in the back of a pick-up truck. Suggestions can be found atArchery Checklist, Black Powder Checklist, Rifle Checklist, and Drop Camp Checklist.

What did we do before Gore-Tex, Scent Shield, Dry Plus, and Wind Stopper? We hunted!  Just a lot wetter and colder. I personally like wool; it makes up most of my hunting clothes. I carry a Gore-Tex Rain Suit during the warmer seasons, and will wear cotton if it is extremely warm. Toward the end of September I will add a wool sweater. I learned a long time ago, if your feet and hands are cold, to put on a warm hat. I personally don’t like stocking type hats; you really need a visor to keep the sun out of your eyes. Bow hunters can get by with lighter clothing, but need to be warm enough to sit still while waiting for that big bull. Layers are the key. I recommend long underwear, camos, a sweater and then a Gore-Tex outer layer for when it cools off and to cut the wind or rain. There are many good manufacturers of quiet hunting clothes. The most important thing is does it stay quiet and pliable when it is cold. Rifle hunters should add a heavy coat and snow packs to this list. Rifle hunters and black powder hunters are required to wear 500 square inches of florescent orange. A good pair of binoculars is one of the most important items you can have on a western hunt. It is a lot more enjoyable if you can glass right along with your guide. If I had to cut costs somewhere it would not be in the optics department. You can find more info at ourArchery Checklist, Black Powder Checklist, Rifle Checklist, Drop Camp Checklist. Need more info call us at 1-800-383-1888.

The weather in the high country of Colorado is extremely unpredictable. It is said if you don’t like the weather in Colorado just wait 15 minutes it will change. Early season bow hunters can expect cool mornings and evenings with mild day time temperatures. As the season moves into mid September any thing can happen from record breaking high temperatures to snow.  You really need a seasoned guide when the weather becomes hot and dry. We use different tactics suited to almost any kind of weather. When late September rolls around it is generally freezing at night, which makes for chilly rides in the mornings and evenings. The cool weather also sets those lovesick bulls to bugling. You can usually expect a little snow this time of the year; that will only stay around for a day or 2. In October rifle hunters will encounter freezing night time temperatures, with cool to mild days. Snow is usually at least visible on north slopes and in timbered pockets. One out of  every 3 to 4 years we will have considerable snow cover. With each passing day the chance of considerable snowfall becomes greater. As we move into November the temps are much cooler and the days shorter. Good snows and cold temps lead to one thing, big bulls. Night time temps are well below freezing, but the days can still be mild.

Our premier do-it-yourself hunt. A great hunt for the seasoned Colorado Elk and Mule Deer hunter or for the budget minded that want a great hunting opportunity. We offer drop camps on our private ranch as well as wilderness pack-in. The ranch offers access to a remote road less area of National Forest and it also adjoins an equally remote section of  a Colorado State Wildlife Area. While the wilderness is public land a drop camp gets you farther in then you average hunter is willing to go. These hunts offer a great opportunity for the self guided hunter to get away from the crowds and into very game rich areas. It is a self guided hunt where you bring your own groceries and do your own cooking. We supply the hunting area, comfortable accommodations and we familiarize you with the area. Then you are your own. This is a one of the best hunts for the money. More info can be found on our Drop Camp page.

This is a hunt that we developed just for do it yourself type hunters that don’t want to deal with the camp chores. It is exactly what it says it is. We outfit you with a camp, cook, and a guide to familiarize you with the area. You hunt on your own. While it does have all the amenities of a guided hunt it is still a far cry from a drop camp. No cooking, camp chores, or scouting! We take care of all that. You just concentrate on bagging that big bull. Find more information at Semi-Guided page.

These are our ultimate hunts. We spare no expense to create a great hunting opportunity. Great care is taken to see that your hunt is a success. It is the most comfortable wilderness camp available anywhere from the best home cooked meals to the well conditioned and expertly trained stock. . All of our equipment is constantly maintained and tested to meet the rigors of a wilderness setting. Guides and wranglers are expertly trained and ready to help you have that hunt of a lifetime. More info can be found on our Fully Guided page.

We realize that you are here for just a short time and we want to make the most of it. Our days start early. Breakfast is usually at least 2 hours before daylight, and a hot dinner waiting for you when you arrive back at camp. Lunch is usually on the side of a mountain somewhere glassing a distant ridge.  Better yet, sitting next to that big bull you took that morning, waiting for the pack mules to come. Each day is different; one day may find you stalking a big bull at day break, the next, coaxing a herd bull out of the timber with a cow call. We always try to make the most of your stay with us.


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