Jason Brake

j brake colorado elk huntingcolorado elk huntingI first hunted with Action Adventures in 2001. My group hunted the 3rd rifle season and I got a 5×5 on the third day of the hunt.

Before going on the hunt I had planned on taking a break from hunting trips for a while. But, was so impressed with the beauty of the area in which we hunted, the thrill of hunting Rocky Mountain elk, and the effort put out by all of the Action Adventure personnel that I booked another hunt about a week after getting home.

I wasn’t the only one in my group of (6) who was favorably impressed. After getting home & telling our stories to friends our original group of (6) doubled in size and we booked two separate hunts.

The second hunt I went on was in . We hunted the 1st season this time. I hunted with my brother Troy. Jay Mitchell guided us.  We left camp on horseback with the moonlight reflecting off the freshly fallen snow. It was cold and we had been riding quite a while when we heard bulls bugling. It was Awesome! We started glassing and saw the elk. We then tied up the horses and went after them. This was Troy’s first elk hunt so we had agreed on him shooting 1st if we happened to be together when we got into the elk. We got to 320 yards from the “Monster” and he put it down. When we got to the downed elk, Jay told me to head up to the top of the ridge, because he knew there were more elk out there. I climbed up and started glassing. Spotting more elk, I climbed down and told Jay where I had seen them. He then started looking & spotted (2) bulls that I hadn’t seen. We started out after them and got within shooting range. I got one of the bulls. So we had two bulls down before noon the 1st day.

I have now booked a third hunt. In general, I believe we were very fortunate finding Action Adventures. The hunting area is breathtaking (in more ways than one) the guides seem to want the hunter to get the elk as much as the hunter himself. The food is terrific. And the overall experience is something I would, and have recommended to anyone.

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Jason Brake