Horse Thief Pack Trip

Four Days, Three Nights
Horse thief Pack Trip is a 4 day 3 night progressive trek through the wilderness of Colorado. This is our most popular trip. On this trip, we stay in at least two different camps. This means that you need to pack light for this adventure because we are always on the move. We start at one end of the Uncompahgre Wilderness and end up on the other. Trips usually start on Mondays but can be rearranged to fit your schedule.
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We meet early Monday morning at the packing station. Usually the East Fork of the Cimarron Trailhead, but with enough notice, we can begin at a different trailhead. All of your gear is then packed on mules. There is more packing involved on this trip since we bring camp with us wherever we go. Once all of the gear is packed and everyone is set on their horse we head up the trail to the head waters of the Cimarron River. Lunch is generally on the trail along a mountain stream or in a lush green meadow. The first camp sits just up stream of the historic Silver Jack Mine. Once we arrive at the first camp all of the gear is unloaded and horses are unsaddled and let out to graze. While camp is set up and everyone settlers in the cook prepares supper (garden salad, t-bones, baked potatoes, sautéed mushrooms and ranch beans. Relax and enjoy some great food and a wilderness sunset like you have never before seen.
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The next morning will find you climbing out of your sleeping bag to the sunrise, fresh dew on the ground and the sounds of cookie fixing breakfast. After a good meal camp is packed up and moved to the next drainage, Big Blue Creek. This ride is one you will never forget; we ride along the famous Uncompahgre Peak and drop down into the “Blue”. The view is spectacular. It is not unusual to see several hundred elk on this trip. The night finds us at the head of Big Blue Creek, where we will camp for the next two nights. The anglers in the group hurry down to the stream; “The Blue” is famous for its cutthroats. Others in camp may enjoy a leisurely walk. As always, another great meal waits as you return for supper.
Wednesday is a layover day; some will spend their day on the stream while others horseback to Ridge Stock for some more amazing views of the drainage below. This camp has several trail intersections with unlimited riding. We usually do an evening ride after supper to view the abundant wildlife in this area. This eventful day ends back at camp, around the crackling campfire roasting marshmallows and telling stories about the days adventure.
Thursday is pack out day. Once again we pack up all the gear and head back to civilization. We leave by following Big Blue Creek to the trailhead or go up and over a mountain pass and out Fall Creek.
4 DAY - 3 NIGHT: $975

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