2017 Recap

2017 was an average to sightly below average year. Archery opportunity ran at 70%, Muzzleloader at 75%, and Rifle came in at 50%, which is is quite a bit lower then our 10 year average of 90%. Elk were active early in the archery season and were bugling heavy during muzzleloader season. The last week of archery had three days of wind storms that kept elk bedded in the  dark timber. After the wind subsided and the elk started moving again, we missed a few shots on some good bulls. Rifle season was warm and snowless. As always, opening morning was good to us. The elk were still in big herds and we even  bugling. We shot one bull while it was locked up fighting with another. After the opener the elk retreated to the tops of the ridges and stayed. When they get above timberline they get harder to hunt as they can see you coming for miles. Last minute cancelations left 2nd rifle vacant.