Wilderness Pack Trips

horse pack trip wilderness pack trip

The Wilderness areas of Colorado are some of the most remote regions left. Wilderness land was set aside to remain pristine and untouched. In these road-less areas travel is restricted to foot and horseback only. Joining us on a wilderness pack trip allows you the opportunity to explore these primitive areas without the hassle of a large pack. All of our camps are full service with only the finest amenities. Trust our expert guides to show you around the country and then come back to camp the best western cuisine you will find at 11,000 feet. With more than 99,000 acres to see, 150 miles of trails to ride, and streams full of fish just waiting for an artificial fly or lure to pass by you will never be bored.

Just imagine packing deep into the wilderness of Colorado far away from modern civilization. Settle into camp then sit back and take in all Mother Nature has to offer. A breath of cool fresh mountain air, horses grazing in the lush green grass, a herd of elk on a distant ridge, a 14,000 foot peak close enough to touch, and the sound of a nearby waterfall settling in your ears. Sounds enjoyable, right? Now add a crackling fire, a hot cup of cowboy coffee, and marshmallows roasting. Starting to feel at home? That’s good. Now the best part. All of this, and all you have to do is just relax, and take in the magnificence of the Colorado Wilderness. 

Pack Trip Packages


3 days 2 nights: $725.00

Horse Thief:

4 days 3 nights: $975.00

Mountain Man:

7 days 6 nights: $1,625.00