Colorado Black Powder Hunting

Bulls bugling on a crisp autumn morning, rays of sunlight peeking over the mountainside, a puff of black powder in the air, the nostalgia of days long gone, all make a muzzleloader hunt an exciting adventure you will never forget. The combination of hunting elk in the rut and the exhilaration of close encounters while hunting with primate weapons make black powder trips extraordinary. However, black powder licenses are the most coveted tags in Colorado. High success rates and an unforgettable hunt are a great reward that makes up for the time it takes to obtain a license.

Muzzleloader Wilderness Pack-in Elk Hunting

All of our muzzleloader wilderness pack-in hunts are fully guided. There is no better way to experience a black powder hunt than by horseback far away from everything in the wilderness. Hunt like pilgrims and pioneers did when the muzzleloader reigned supreme. Black powder seasons are in Mid-September while the elk are in prime rut. This is unquestionably one of those hunts where you can let several bulls go before squeezing the trigger. Trophy potential is unlimited. As with all of our guided hunts there is a 2 hunter per 1 guide ratio, and you are provided with a well outfitted camp and some fine home cooked meals. Muzzleloader license are by application only. We offer these hunts in both unit 65 and 66. 65 currently takes 3 points to draw and 66 is upwards of 14 points. These tags are hard to get but limited tags offer the best hunting in Colorado. Black powder hunts are 6 full days of hunting with a day for travel each end of the hunt for a 8 day trip.

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Muzzleloader Wilderness Pack-in Elk Hunt:

6 Days - Guided: $4,250